The best restaurants in Sydney: Why We Love Mr Wong

Nestled in the basement of the Establishment building accessed via Bridge Lane off Bridge Street, this 1930’s Shanghai-style warehouse with a French colonial setting offers excellent service and food that draws crowds waiting 2.5 hours almost every night of the week.

Serving approximately 5000 patrons each week Mr Wong is one of Sydney’s leading hospitality institutions. Executive Chef Dan Hong creates a fusion of Cantonese cuisine with a Vietnamese touch, as he often goes draws inspiration from his mother and his heritage cooking when it comes to bringing his passion to life on the plate. The restaurant itself belongs to the Merivale empire.

If it’s your first time dining at Mr Wong, the menu can be a little overwhelming. The menu itself contains roughly 60 dishes, which are designed for sharing.

Duck is the house specialty and it is served either as a pecking style de-boned with hoisin sauce and pancakes or Chinese roast duck with plum sauce. However, you cannot go wrong with the full yum cha menu (available for lunch only) with amazing truffle wagu puff and crab with golden soup dumplings. Delicious!

If you are at Mr Wong for dinner, make sure you order the chef’s selection of steam and fried dim sum platter.

Still an all-time favourite is the Singapore black pepper style mud crab (although a bit messy and pricy, it’s absolutely worth it. Just avoid wearing white!

The wine list is extensive, with over 3000 bottles of wine on offer. The sommeliers can help you choose the matching wine or suggest something interesting. Make sure you check out the impressive wine tower!

Overall, Mr Wong is an amazing venue and continuously awarded restaurant which never sleeps. You might walk through the empty streets in Sydney on a dark rainy day only to discover there are around 300 people inside. It’s absolutely a must-visit in your culinary adventure during your stay in Sydney and why we frequently dine here for lunch on the Sydney Luxe Tour.

Our Recommendations


Steam and fried dim sum platter for dinner

Kingfish sashimi with sweet wasabi

Duck Peking roast or pancake

Czar siu toothfish

Black Pepper style mud crab

King crab fried rice

Deep-fried ice cream with butterscotch sauce


Favourite Cocktails

Tin Hau temple (in short, tequila with passion fruit goes well together) and Emperor Wu for the perfect balance of sweetness and fruity just before your flavourful dining experience.

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